Some Tips on How to Break into Magazine Photography

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A lot of photographers these days actually aspire to break into the publishing industry. It would certainly be a photographer’s dream come true to flip over a magazine and see his name credited on the pictures that are on the spread. Of course, it is not as easy as wanting to become one and then just having your pictures sent out to publishers for them to use. The industry has a rather tight competition. The demands for the job are high. The need for quality images on decent portfolio websites is crucial as well. Here are some things that should help you.

With so many people showing interest in the field of photography, it is not really surprising to see more and more talents crowding the markets these days. Of course, this means that you now have so many others to compete with. Still, beyond the sophisticated equipment and the high technology present, dedication and skills and perseverance are still qualities that might help you achieve better heights than the rest. So, capitalizing on these elements as much as you can is essential.

Of course, you are going to need excellent business decision-making skills as well. You may have the equipment and the matching talent. but if you are not getting your name out there and not getting your work to be seen by potential clients, then you are likely to wallow in your anonymity. If you are hoping to make it big in the field, you will find that this is an industry where you will not only be required to have the flair for taking excellent photos. You need to have the business acumen as is necessary of an entrepreneur as well. Otherwise, you will only likely go broke.

Make sure that you will actually start by becoming real expert and specialist on something. You definitely need to have a field where you focus your attention most. You have to be an expert on something if you want to really offer something that is unique or something that other photographers may not actually possess. You can use this as your selling point to gain more clients easily.

You will need to produce images that are going meet specific requirements as set by editors as well. There are even instances when you may have to sacrifice the overall artistic integrity of a picture just for the sake of meeting deadlines. This is a must in the magazine and the publishing world where things are run by deadlines. Being able to come up with the right image even under pressure is indeed a must for this line of work.

Photographers need to be able to build an archive as well. You want to have a wide array of pictures an damages that you can actually present to an editor so he gets to choose which ones may actually be most useful for whatever articles he needs pictures for. Having several choices to select from will allow him to compare and contrast these images or use them as references so you can photograph the kind of images that will truly work best for the publication’s requirements. Also, improve your network. You will be surprised at how much this can actually help in you landing a lot of project moving forward.

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The History of Argosy Magazine

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One of the more popular magazines in the pulp genre that ever graced the American shelves was the Argosy magazine. It had its run from 1882 to the year 1978 and had Frank Munsey as the publisher. It is considered as the very first pulp magazine in America and was actually based in New York City.

It was Munsey that had the idea of publishing the Golden Argosy to a publisher in New York. He was successful enough to convince him to have the magazine published. He was also hired as an editor. It was on the 2nd of December 1882 that the first issue of the magazine came out. It was for a weekly publication. The first issue was made up of eight pages and the cost was five cents. The first issue included stories from Edward S. Ellis and Horatio Alger Jr. these stories were serialized ones.

Around December of 1888, the magazine’s title was changed into ‘The Argosy’.  Instead of getting published on a weekly basis, it was shifted into monthly in April of 1894. It was also around this time that the magazine has then started shifting its attention towards publishing stories that are considered as pulp fiction. It was in the year 1896 that the magazine successfully published its first issue that contains all fiction stories.

This is considered a milestone since this has actually led to the introduction and the launching of a new brand of magazine. The magazine is also considered as a very crucial pioneer when it comes to the pulp genre. The magazine did switch back to publishing weekly in the year 1917. Among the notable writers that the magazine has seen include Zane Grey, Upton Sinclair, and William Wallace Cool among many others.

The magazine is considered to be the showcase of many a popular fiction in venous genre. From romance to western, from crime to war, from adventure to crime, and there are even science fiction. All these stories were able to find a welcoming home at the Argosy. Popular pulp authors Edgar Rice Burroughs, Malcolm Nicholson, Max Brand, and Fred MacIssac among others were just few of the numerous authors that were able to see their works published by the magazine.

Preceding Pearl Harbor though, the magazine started shedding off its persona relating it to all-fiction, it then shifted its attention towards incorporating stores that are considered to be real-life ones. This includes those that depict attacks by the Germans on New York, or even publishing such stories that show the atrocities committed by the Japanese when they occupied China.

By 1942, the magazine was acquired by Popular Publications. This is the same publication that owns the chief rival of the Argosy, the Adventure. As a result, this action has resulted into a considerable number of editorial augmentations to the way the Argosy was run and published.

By the year 1950s, the publication became known as a men’s magazine. This has also resulted to the diminishing of the quality of the fiction that is published on it. Still, the title stirred general interest periodically in the 60s and the 70s. The publication finally ceased operation though in the 1979, 97 years from its founding.

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How To Successfully Design A Magazine Cover Art

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Designing the cover of a magazine is never an easy task. You have to consider the fact that this is the very first thing that people will see when the magazine will hit the stores. If you are tasked to get the job done, then you have to see to it that you are able to create a look that will make it easier for you to successfully convey the message on what readers can expect inside and tickle their curiosity to actually pick one issue and purchase it. This is not easy, but there are often tips and tricks on how to get this done successfully.

Make sure that you will attract the eyes of your readers. This is the cover so you have to understand that this is going to be all about the visuals. You cannot really expect people to actually pick these magazines up when they do not tickle their visuals in anyway. You want to aim at creating a cover that is going to stand out from the rest. You need to attract the people’s attention so people will actually be easily persuaded to pick it up and buy it for you.

You will need to unveil the story that you are going to discuss inside the magazine too. You will have a lead story and you will want to have this highlighted in the cover. It would be easier to tickle the interest of the readers when they will find that these are truly interesting covers that these magazines are sporting. Make sure that the lead story is indeed properly emphasized to get the interest that you are hoping the magazine to really generate.
Colors will play a very crucial roles towards ensuring that the cover design is going to garner the attention that it needs. The colors you choose need to be appropriate towards ensuring that the magazine cover is indeed going to stand out. The color palette is always going to be a great reference. It is important that the colors that are going to be used during that layout process are going to be the same once the designs are going to be printed out. The right fonts need to be used as well. It is necessary that the font and the colors used will successfully complement each other.

The right cover design offers thrill to the readers. It is important for the magazine to offer a cover that will really elicit attraction. It needs to have elements that will make it irresistible for the readers to actually want to pick it up and not put it down until they have read page by page. Offering giveaways and other products that buyers might actually want to try out would be among these. You can also offer tips and tricks and other guides as well.

It is very important to establish your own identify too when getting the cover designed, there has to be elements that are going to be on the cover that will easily make the magazine identifiable. There has to be elements that will set it apart from the rest of the other publications that are on the shelves. This is important so gaining readers’ attentions and standing out from the rest will be easily achieved.

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How To Succeed In Pursuing Magazine Photography

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Every aspiring photographer dreams to one day see their works be published in magazines and other publications. However, it is fact too that these are industries that are very hard to crack. Still, if one is willing to put in the necessary effort and the necessary hard work, it should not be impossible to someday find your name credited in one of the many photos that are published in these papers. Here are some of the things that you can do to help you accomplish that.

Despite the advent of digital technology, there is still an ever present need for quality photographs and quality photographers. Aside from the physical magazines, websites will require images and pictures to run as well. Qualified and skilled photographers are definitely going to be needed for the job. If you are new to the field and would want to get a good chance at finding one of your photos used for these purposes, here are some steps for you.

Understand that you need to shoot tack and sharp photos. The last thing that an editor wants is a picture that is not very clear or which quality leaves a lot to be desired. You have to remember that a low quality photo is truly going to affect how well these pictures will appear on the pages once they are printed. So, being able to develop the right technique that will get you sharp and very clear images every time is what you need to aspire for.


Having a steady hand is going to be very necessary when shooting pictures for this purpose. You will need to have a steady hold on the camera on order for the pictures to look focuses, sharp, and professional. You need crisp photos every time you are tasked to shoot them. Also, there are tools that can be used these days, software and programs, that are effective towards getting your pictures to look sharper and to get their quality increased as well.


You will need to meet deadlines too. What is important in this job is not just having the right photos in accordance to what the editors require. You need to be sure too that you can provide them with the pictures that they need on the date and the time that they need it. In this field, deadlines are everything, unless you have the ability to meet such demands from a high pressure job, then this is not a field that you might even try to venture into.

Since you are still trying to build a name in the field, you cannot expect to break into a national publication just yet you may want to start local first. You want to build a reputation and a name. At the same time, you want to gather enough exposure to the field. Experiencing is definitely a must in this line of work and not just talent alone. You will need to develop your network too. This way, it will be easier for people to refer you to potential clients. Just have your portfolio ready every time though so you can show them samples of the works that you have done.

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