Balance is one of the loan brands of Good Finance. Balance loan products include USD 1,000-10000 consumer credit and USD 500-2000 Instant Flexibility loan.

Balance loans are the most expensive entry in the market, so do not compete before choosing. With Inspector Lestrade you can get a quick loan decision and see how your Balance loans rank in the comparison!

Balance as a loan company

Balance as a loan company

Good Finance has been operating in Finland since 2006. Good Finance started with a quick pull and gradually switched to high-interest flexible loans. The Lending Company has its headquarters in Turku.

The balance is newer as a brand and has been in operation for a few years. In 2018, Good Credit started launching larger loan products and also launched corporate loans. However, operations are still based on high-interest flexibility.

Balance loans and rates

Balance’s main product, Flexible Credit, is a typical quick draw. The loan has a high-interest rate and is very expensive to use. In addition to the interest and withdrawal charges on the loans, each operation is priced separately, so using the loan and adjusting the payments significantly increases the total cost of the loan.

Balance Fee Structure:

  • Loan amount: 500 $ – 2000 $.
  • The average loan amount of our clients: 2000 $.
  • Repayment Time: Continuing Flexibility.
  • Nominal interest rate: 23.88-72%, typically $ 2000 for a credit of 72%.
  • Withdrawal premium: 5% + $ 9.90.
  • Actual Annual Interest Rate: 49.77% -131.66%.

Balance Consumer Credit, Pricing:

  • Loan amount: 1000 $ – 10000 $.
  • The average loan amount of our clients: 2000 $.
  • Repayment period: 1 – 7 years.
  • Nominal rate: 0.09% – 33.1%.
  • Lifting Fee: 8.5% – 30%
  • Account Management Fee: $ 2.99 – $ 7.99.
  • Actual annual interest rate: 12% – 50%.

Who can get a loan from Good Credit?

Who can get a loan from Good Credit?

The balance does not specifically disclose its credit criteria. However, the loan can be obtained by a legal person of legal age who has properly managed his / her financial affairs.

Balance loan immediately to your account?

If you choose “Instant Withdrawal”, you will receive your Loan Balance immediately. However, there are additional costs for a quick draw: $ 3.5 -4.5 $ + 3.9% -4.9% of the withdrawal amount. The balance does not tell you separately whether attachments are needed for the loan or whether you can use Instantor in the process or get the loan completely without attachments.

Balance loan increase

You cannot increase your consumer credit and apply for a new loan before the old one is repaid. If you have a $ 500 credit, your flex credit will automatically increase. You can check the status of your loan with MyGood Credit.

Balance due transfers and grace months

Balance loans can be extensively modified, though everyone will pay. You can make changes to Good Credit. Below is the cost of the measures.

  • Change of billing method $ 5.00.
  • Change in due date $ 10.00.
  • Free month 30,00 $.
  • Monthly installment payment 10,00 $.
  • Periodic reduction of the minimum reduction of $ 20.00.

Experiences at Good Credit

Experiences at Good Credit

Balance loans are clearly more expensive than average. However, the loan process is smooth and fast, and you can get a loan immediately if you wish. However, every change is priced to the extreme. Withdrawals, gratuities, deferrals, etc., raise the cost of a loan by about 72% with a nominal interest rate – astronomical – quickly.

The pros and cons:

Good: Comprehensive additional services.
Great : A quick and straightforward loan process.
The Bad : It’s hard to get consumer credit.
The bad thing : Quick cash settlement costs extra.
The bad : High prices.

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